Research Student Supervision and Training

I have led and assisted with training of 10 PhD research students. All graduated successfully and on schedule.

PhD graduates from my research team and title of project

  1. Dr Andrea Lopez-Clavijo, PhD, Application of FT-ICR mass spectrometry for analysis of dicarbonyl glycation of proteins.
  2. Dr Fang Zhang, PhD, Mechanism of increased renal clearance of thiamine in hyperglycaemia associated with diabetes.
  3. Dr Usman Ahmed, PhD, Protein damage markers in diagnosis, progression and treatment of arthritis.
  4. Dr Zehra Irshad, PhD, Dicarbonyl glycation and protein damage in vascular endothelial cells in hyperglycaemia associated with diabetes.
  5. Dr Alaa Shafie, PhD, Characterisation of glyoxalase 1 mutant mouse and glyoxalase 1 copy number alteration.
  6. Dr Amal Ashour, PhD, Dicarbonyl stress and dysfunction of the glyoxalase system in periodontal diseases.
  7. Dr Muhanad Alhujaily, PhD, Proteomics of the cytotoxicity of methylglyoxal and link to glyoxalase 1-linked multidrug resistance in cancer chemotherapy.
  8. Dr Hafsa Abbas, PhD, Glyoxalase 1 and multidrug resistance in cancer chemotherapy.
  9. Dr Daniah Alamoudi, PhD, Plasma protein glycation, oxidation and nitration markers for improved risk prediction of Type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  10. Dr Ohoud Al-Ghamdi, PhD, Glyoxalase 1 inducer therapy for the treatment of experimental diabetic kidney disease.